Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

… Does anybody really care?

The posts have been few and far between recently, because I haven’t been able to trust BONWAG. Rebuilds failing, posts going missing, and me without the time to debug. (This has been a wild couple of months. More on that later.)

It seems that one of the reasons BONWAG is having conniptions is because it’s taking too darn long to look back through 13 years of posts and try to put them in chronological chunks (called months). And, come to think of it, it’s not really important. I’ll switch it off and see if anyone complains.

And come to think of it, there were too many darned categories too. They’re gone. I’ll have to see if tags are any more useful.

Fonts? Colours? Images? I think they’re window-dressing too. I’ll keep them in for a while.

I’ll see if there’s any loyalty to wring out of my current web hosting provider before I start sniffing around. You’d think after more than a decade with an organisation they’d be keen to discuss options to keep you a happy, paying customer. Nope. Not with these competitive margins, bud.

And in unrelated geek news, I’ve decided to dip back into the world of MySpace to see if anyone has figured out how to write web code. First impressions are good – interesting what a dose of web standards (to wit: OpenSocial ) can do for a team of wallowing developers.

Oh, and just for a bit of a laugh – I’ve written this post with the new Windows Live Writer. It seems smoother and less klunky (but with fewer features) than my current favourite – w.bloggar – but we’ll see if Microhoo is also producing the goods.

UPDATE: Oooh – there’s finally been an update of w.bloggar after a year! I might have to compare and contrast. :-)

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