Disappering Simpsons objects

This may seem weird and insignificant to anyone reading this, but isn’t that what rambling’s all about? Anyway, you’re the one who started reading this thing! Didn’t you? Don’t blame it on me, it was all your fault!!
Anyway, back onto the subject. If you pause a Simpsons episode, for example, the one where the two women that Ned and Homer married in Vegas hunt them down, in a single frame, a piece of clothing either changes colour, a word is not coherent with the mouth position, or, like in the one I just mentioned, something that one of the Simpsons are wearing just disappears. Like during the above Simpsons episode, when the Vegas woman that married Homer is talking to Abe, who she is married to now after being drunk, Abe’s glasses a disappear for one single frame! So if you ever see anything like this while watching the Simpsons, give me some feedback and I’ll look at it. And if you do send in some feedback relating to this rambling, you get a nifty prize… self-esteem! Now isn’t that great-diddly-ate?!