Social Networks Are Conspiring Against Me

Okay – this Social Network thing is starting to get scary.
The promise of the social/semantic web is this: that you can send your life’s bottled vignettes bobbing out into the vast ocean of the internet without having to worry about how shiny they look or how tidily they are written or where they will eventually land. It only matters what it means. The people who care will get it. Somehow.
So, it’s possible to Twitter away from a mobile phone or a PSP or a desktop or a carrier pigeon, and to post to a blog from within a browser or via email.
Now that sites are starting to link up – feeds are read by Jairu, flickr feeds are fed into Plaxo – who knows where your bemessaged  bottle will end up?
At this point, I’m not sure where this blog posting will end up: I know it’ll reside on BONWAG, and be copied to a few different places in different formats by my Blog engine – but it will also kick off a few little RSS reader applications I have on my home and office computers, as well as my Google reader account. Google will eventually index it and add it to their Blog Search engine. A few Blog aggregators will republish it.
Also – any number of people will get pop-ups or emails or messages notifying them of the fact I’ve posted a blog entry.
It used to be that the internet was anonymous – but now that all your social network chickens are coming home to roost, you can’t hide.