It’s Nearly Time

After 9 years, I think it’s time to upgrade.

It may surprise some of you that I’m about to buy my second computer. Ever. Well, technically, it’s the fourth computer I’ve ever owned, if you don’t count my calculator watch (1978-1980), or my watch that played ‘Yellow Rose Of Texas’ (1980-1983), or my sad string of deceased Personal Digital Assistants and Organisers (1994-1999 R.I.P. – Young dads, PDAs and low bathtubs don’t mix well.)

Here’s the list:

  • 1982 Commodore Vic-20 (a gift) – 5K, 1MHz
  • 1984 Commodore 64 (another gift) – 64K, 1.02MHz
  • 1998 Custom-built PC – 500Mb, 600MHz (upgraded)
  • 2007 Dell Inspiron 530 – 4GB, 2.4Ghz

Hopefully this new purchase won’t need to last 9 years. It’s on the plane on the way here, according to Dell’s website. More details as they come to hand.