A Few Minutes on Twittering, Travel and Technology

Writes Rodney:

Twittering this kind of stuff does not excuse you from writing blog posts. I want some more detail when you have a few minutes.

And so, here we have a few minutes, and I have time to disagree.

We had a wonderful holiday as a family. And I didn’t want to miss it. I made a decision this time around to actually experience this adventure and not to shift into journalist mode. This was one of the first times I’ve been able to get away for a major trip without mentally assembling blog or journal notes in my head, or experiencing the entire trip through a video camera viewscreen. (I can recall one trip from my youth that I have almost no memories of, because I stored them on perishable, losable magnetic video tape.)

So, no, thanks, bub. I AM excused from making blog posts.

But thanks for asking. :-)

Part of the joy of this trip is also the realisation that the kids are starting to develop their journalling and technical skills, so some people may be surprised to see Dad in some holiday photos! I’m actually very impressed with Charli’s photography skills – she’s taken some of the real ‘keeper’ shots this time around. You might start seeing some blog entries from the kids real soon now.

Having said that, no holiday is complete without technology. We did make the good decision to invest in a good quality Hard Drive Video Camera before we left, so we’ve captured some brilliant footage from shows at Disney that just need colour AND movement. The old Sony DSC32 still camera is still serving us well after 4 years.

Grand Total: 500 photographs (not including botched ones), and 10Gig of Video. I have no idea what duration that is – it’s so nice not to have to worry about tapes any more! 

[Side-bar: How long will it take before some smart camera maker puts out one with GPS? That’s when I’m upgrading, bud.]

And, of course, don’t forget the mobile phone for updating the folks back home – yes, via Twitter.

And the laptop for backing up the photos. And email.

Ainslie wan’t convinced we needed satellite navigation when driving through the UK, but our new SatNav travelling companion (known as ‘Navvy’ to her friends), saved us countless hours of mapbook juggling.

Huh. Maybe it wasn’t the low-tech holiday I thought it would be.

In any case, and to get back to the point, I enjoyed actually holidaying, instead of observing myself holidaying this time round. With the help of a few digital post-it notes on Twitter, i’m happy to re-live it, rather than to forget to live it in the first place.

Hey, it’s biblical – you didn’t see the disciples taking notes.