Perthcam Uncut

Interesting image when loading Perthcam tonight – seems someone left the light on. We get to see the other side of the picture. [full size]
Now, if the world were like CSI, we’d be able to enhance the image to see what’s written on that whiteboard back there. Go for it.

2 thoughts on “Perthcam Uncut

  1. You know this just caused a major security breach at BankWest don’t you? :P It’s their boardroom *waits for the camera to be moved*. Pretty good ad for Axis though :)

  2. I did notice that Perthcam has been down since I posted this entry…
    UPDATE – Hey, it seems the camera HAS been moved, after all, and is kind of tilted to one side, now. It might be perched in a potplant somewhere, now :-)

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