The Thrill is Gone

There are a few jobs I’d dearly love to do at some point in my life. You know, those occupations you know nothing about, have no training or aptitude for, but would love to have a few days behind the wheel and see what the attraction is. For me, I’d love to own and operate a Theme Park. I have no idea what to do or how to do it, but it just sounds like a fun job.
Some people want to be rock stars. I want to invent rollercoaster rides which make people ill.
Which is probably why I connected with this site, which happened by my screen today. It’s a series of very atmospheric photos of an abandoned theme park, somewhere in Japan. I don’t know the back-story here, but it seems this park has been out of action for some time. The photographer has captured a quite beautiful irony – a once-mighty thrill ride settling into a rusty retirement.
If anyone knows this park, and whether they’d accept a premise for a new reality TV show – My Rollercoaster Rules – let me know.
(Hang on, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Abandoned Australian Theme Park, anyone?)