C is for Correctness, Political

Stop the world. I want to get off.
The polar ice caps are melting. Near earth objects are threatening to wipe us out. The global economy is in uproar.
And The Cookie Monster is getting a health makeover.
That’s right. Once the paragon of excess (“Coooookieeeee! Augm nm nm nm…”) he’s being given a new songbook, including “A Cookie Is A Sometimes Food”.
Lies! All of it. I can only assume this is the work of The Usurper. Things ain’t been the same since The Little Red Devil arrived on the scene and started Elmo-cising. Grover got sidelined. Everyone can see Snuffleupagus. Now they’ve silenced the sole remaining voice of (in)sanity on The Street.
This CNN correspondent shares my outrage.

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