Dancing With The Stars

Today was ‘Medals Day’ at Dancepower, the ballroom dance studios Caleb and Allanah have been attending this year. It’s the day that the kids go before The Judges to qualify for their awards. This year, Ainslie and I were amazed at the progress our kids had made. Even Charli got game.
It’s only been a year since we noticed that the kids were having a great time with the more traditional steps we hauled out at The Ball. Ainslie found a ballroom dancing school near us, and now it’s a rare occasion for me to pick up Caleb and Allanah on a Saturday morning without some sort of minor award for their application in practice.
But this is where it really counts.
After putting in some very polished performances, Allanah scored Honours (95% up) in ‘Composite’ (Cha Cha, Slow Rhythm and Evening 3 Step), and Caleb also scored Honours for his Modern (Waltz, Slow Rhythm and Quickstep). Charli scored a mug and egg as a prize for her Macarena skills.
Caleb scooped the pool, though, with the ‘Most Outstanding Candidate’ award for the entire day. He’d been getting many compliments throughout the afternoon for his efforts, and it seems he’s being groomed – by the Powers That Be – for competition dance, if he wants it.
We’re all pretty proud. This could be the start of something big. And dripping with sequins.