Zoning Out on Friday

A new adventure starts on Friday, and no, this is not an April Fools joke.
Rod Olsen had the idea of talking about technology during his morning radio talk-back segment on Sonshine FM, and although he’s not exactly a Luddite himself, he’s called me in to provide a different perspective.
It’s the third time Sonshine has let me into the studio. I was in the newsroom for a few years, went away, came back as an announcer, and then left to pursue fame and fortune on the internet. Now, I get to be a ‘special guest’. I hope they’ve burned that old publicity photo they still have of me somewhere there.
The segment itself is between 10 and 11 on Friday mornings, if you want to tune in, or even phone in. It’d be great to talk to you live if you’re in Perth. Or even if you’re not in Perth.
To listen online, there’s a ‘live stream’ available on the website. Oh, and if you have one of those old-fashioned radio thingys, tune to 98.5 FM if you’re in Perth. There’s a special page up and happening already.
If you have any ideas for special topics, or comments, let me know. And if you’re a new BONWAG reader as a result of the program, a special welcome!