Questions. Queries. Posers.

I think we’re getting the hang of these Quiz Night things. Ainslie and I might also be getting a reputation.
It’s a phenomenon I only discovered after moving to Western Australia – Quiz Nights aren’t that big in the Eastern States, or at least, they weren’t in the circles I used to frequent. The idea of sitting down for 2 or 3 hours of answering trivia questions might be too much for the hectic, head-kicking lifestyle of the Sydney-sider.
We’ve been to a few nights with our friends Rod and Pauline in the past, but this time, we got to get the two families together. The good thing was, the quiz tested everyone, including the kids.
Well done to Carey Baptist for organising the night, in support of missionary work in Africa.
Our table, literally bursting with TV and music expertise, finished in second place. We’re not Quiz night junkies, by any stretch, but our tables have managed to finish in the top 3 of the last few we’ve been to. Maybe we just have smart friends.
Actually, Ainslie reckons she won it by getting a set of pillows in the auction for well below what Laura Ashley would charge.

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  1. I was wondering if you could suggest a couple of places that I could go to to have a feel of quiz nights as this is a totally new concept for me. I am from Singapore originally you see.
    Thank you.

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