Terminal Disease

Whenever travelling to the US about this time of year, I always hope for at least a little snow to fall – I’m not bored with it yet. My American friends always look at me a little strangely when I react happily to any insignificant flurry which wafts our way.
However, today, it looks like snow is losing it’s coolness. I’m in the middle of an 11 hour delay at LAX caused by a significant snowstorm over New York. 5 of 6 LA-NY flights have been cancelled (not rescheduled – cancelled). Eavesdropping on cafe conversations, it sounds like I’m lucky to be getting out so soon – some have already been delayed a day, with no prospect of a boarding pass in the foreseeable future.
So, instead of arriving on a Sunday night, ready for work, I’m lobbing in early on Monday morning. Woo hoo. Luckily, Qantas screened a documentary on sleep deprivation on the way here, so I know that I should be stocking up on melatonin right now. Or maybe not. I can’t remember – I was half asleep.
I spied the famous ‘Pokemon Jet’ on the tarmac today – ANA has painted Pikachu and all his friends on the side of a commercial jet, which kicks several home goals for the Japanese Culture of Cute. Caleb will be impressed.
Stay tuned. I’ll rattle around here for a while and see if I can’t bump into Tom Hanks somewhere.

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