“Good News” from South East Asia

While the death toll continues to rise in South-east Asia, there’s some good news to be found: I quote from ET Online:

Popular ‘Oprah’ Guest Survives Tsunami
December 27, 2004

One of OPRAH WINFREY’s most popular guests, celebrity interior designer NATE BERKUS, was in Sri Lanka when the devastating tsunami struck the tropical island…. Berkus, who’s appeared on the “Oprah” show numerous times, reportedly said that he and a friend were sleeping in a beachfront cottage at Arugam Bay when the roof was torn off and they were swept into the ocean with debris. Berkus found refuge on the roof of another home with about 50 other survivors, but his friend has gone missing.

Just noticed these other headlines on CNN
* Swimsuit model survives tsunami
* Tsunamis shatter celebrity holidays
Boy. It’s good to know McClurg’s law is alive and well.
UPDATE – Dec 30: It’s not just America. It seems Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono also has a case of misdirected priorities. Quoted by Msnbc, the newly elected president says

The last three days have been the most difficult days of my presidency, and a most trying moment for my nation

At this time, I’d suggest the world is disinterested in your workload, sir.
UPDATE – Dec 30: George Bush sure loves a stoush. To quote his latest scripted pronouncement on the tragedy

We will prevail over this destruction.

Who writes these slogans? Does anyone care that they don’t make sense?
Man, this guy loves fighting stuff. Stay tuned for the ‘War On Nature’.