Dave’s Brakeslam Tour – Day Two – Coff’s Harbour

I’m starting out from Coff’s Harbour two hours late – I’m still trying to understand exactly what timezone I’m in. The sun’s getting up much, much earlier than I am.
There’s four and a half hours before I need to be In Sydney, and there’s 500 kilometers to go. This might be tight. Probably going to have fewer stops today. This Pacific Highway is going to make it tricky – I can’t believe the amount of speed changes this stretch of road forces on you. For some reason, the NSW government gives you ample warning of the static speed cameras stationed outside each township, and they’re usually 60km/h limits, so it’s fun to see the rev heads slam on the brakes and jump on the accelerator every half an hour or so.
The warning signs of schoolies are all around – feet, arms – and more – dangling out of oncoming traffic.
There’s just something… well.. wrong about driving through Kempsey (the birthplace of country music legend Slim Dusty) and listening to Top 40 radio at outrageous volume levels.
Something I never really thought about Port Macquarie: “God Lives Here”, according to a roadsign. I’m not doubting its veracity, but I’d imagine there’s a heck of a lot of pressure to keep your gardens tidy.