Let’s Get Fiscal

I’m really losing my patience with incompetent government departments. First Centerlink decides to mess everyone around with family payments. Now, there’s a 40 billion dollar miscalculation by the so-called experts at the ATO.
It wouldn’t be so bad if the government afforded the same leniency it’s now expecting from us taxpayers, but given their history with the Centerlink debacle, it’s not a two-way street. (Yes, we were hit. Bad.)
Try getting away with a $40 miscalculation on your 2003-2004 income tax return; it won’t happen, buddy.

One thought on “Let’s Get Fiscal

  1. Preach it brother.
    We’ve finally had resolution to our battle with Centrelink.
    They slugged us with a bill of around nine and a half thousand dollars for a mistake they had made.
    Thankfully they finally sorted it out and they’ve cancelled the bill.

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