Happy 10th Birthday, BONWAG

Good gravy. Has it really been 10 years?
The first web page I ever published was on November 5, 1994: a ‘hello world’ type page which I chiselled on the servers at Ozemail a few weeks after I got my first access account (around October, 1994). These were the days of the text-based browser (no pretty graphics) and the early days of the Mosaic web browser, so the standards weren’t that high for graphic design… it was only important that you helped create the ‘Web’ by linking to other useful sites and also contributing a little of your own content along the way.
That’s where ‘Bits Of Net What Are Good’ came from. I started by creating a list of links, and then later contributed to the Body Of Knowledge on the Web with the ACM (Australian Christian Music) site, which I started in February 1995 – to help with my job at Sonshine fm.
And haven’t things changed since then?

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