Bizarre Love Triangle

Here’s one of the main reasons I’m scared to become a famous artist: what happens if you create something brilliantly heartfelt – a book, a song, whatever – which perfectly describes a stage in your life that you later move on from, only to find that people identify with it and keep bringing you back to it, kicking and screaming? Perhaps you compose a scathing attack on upwardly mobile types only to find yourself owning a mobile phone a few years later (To pick a completely ficticious, made up example).
It’s one thing to express an opinion, and later change your mind, its another thing to have it framed, awarded or part of your regular song set. It’s something Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam is up-front about on many occasions.
Today, we see one of the most extreme cases – Delta Goodrem is in the middle of promoting her new album ‘Out Of The Blue’, which includes as the title track a song’s she’s already publicly dedicated to her beau Mark Philippoussis, only to find he prefers the company of Paris Hilton. What’s worse is that the song is currently Number One on the Australian charts.
If it really was the relationship the song describes, then it can only be harder to move on if market forces stand in the way of your grieving process. To keep singing would be tough enough. To be singing that song, now, repeatedly would be gutting. The fact that the song talks about escaping circumstances she’s now being thrown back into…. you can only imagine.
She’s had a rough time lately, healthwise and emotionally, and every deep breath has been headline news. I hope her fans will understand if it forces her to take a strategic retreat from front stage.
And thus, it would seem the Scud has truly earned his nickname.

2 thoughts on “Bizarre Love Triangle

  1. You’d have to think that the Scud is a pretty intelligent guy.
    “Hmmm – who should I choose? Delta or Paris? I know, I’ll pick Paris. Much better chance of a deep, long lasting, caring relationship there.”
    Or maybe it was, “Hmmm – I’ll pick Paris. Everyone else seems to.”
    I can’t believe that his mum got herself on telly defending him saying that the relationship with Delta was bad for his tennis so it’s better that he’s dumped her. At least now we can see who helped create the shallow guy that he is now.

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