Farewell, Nanna 2

Nan’s funeral today was a simple, understated service filled with love and warm remembrances of her life. Mum had prepared a eulogy a few months ago, when she felt best able to, and was able to share most of it on her own (with help from my brother Steve and I). I was able to read a beautifully appropriate poem which Mum had found a while ago. I’ll have to post it when I get the chance.
Nan’s service brought together a lot of folk I’d not expected to see – cousins and relatives came from miles around to say good bye. I did get to see the burial places of some of the people who I’d only known as entries in the family tree. Nan has a spot on the wall where she can ‘see’ her first husband – Mum’-s dad – Hilton.
I remember Nan as a big part of our lives when we were younger – almost every weekend was spent hanging out at her house in Punchbowl at one stage in the family’s life. She was a wonderful carer, a great cook, and a loving Nanna. She’s the only person I know who wasn’t afraid of using pressure-cookers on the stove.
Given that Nan was the last of my grandparents, I’m glad I was able to introduce her to her great-grandchildren only a few months ago on a family trip to Sydney. I knew back then that I’d probably be kissing her goodbye for the last time as I left the nursing home. Its rare that you get to say a real, proper goodbye to someone in that way. I’m blessed and privileged.
Rest in Peace, Nanna.

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  1. sorry to hear about your nanna… just conducted a funeral this morning for someone else’s nanna, so i’m in tune with how you feel on this. both mine are gone, and only have a pop left over in africa. soon, that generation will have gone, and we’ll really start feeling old! :-)

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