What’s The Opposite of ‘Deprivation Of Liberty’?

Ainslie told me we were going for a Birthday Breakfast. She lied.
In fact, she’s been lying a lot to me lately. And stealing things from me. And conspiring with others against me. The full extent of her deception wasn’t revealed until it was too late to do anything about it. Let me explain.
All I knew was that I’d been told to keep Friday morning free for a special breakfast. I needed to drop the kids off a little early to our nanny’s house to make sure we were able to get to the place on time. I dutifully did so. After returning home, while I was getting ready to be at work after breakfast, there came a knock on the door. I was expecting to greet a few friends who I’d been led to believe might have been joining us. Instead, there was a well-turned out gent – with the emblem ‘Black Tie Limousines’ – waiting. I noticed a white stretch limousine in the driveway. From the tone of Ainslie asking ‘who is it?’ I knew that I’d been got good.
I probably should have paid more attention to some of the little hints along the way. The fact that my toothbrush had gone missing sometime that morning. The fact that the driver was asking things like where did I think I was going for breakfast. The way he meandered through Fremantle, Cottesloe, Kings Park and Burswood during the drive to feed me a series of red herrings. The way Ainslie kept glancing at her watch.
Until we started heading west on the Great Eastern Highway, I had no idea we were headed for the airport. In fact, I wasn’t certain until we turned down the entry road. How could we be going on a plane? I had no bags packed…
The limo driver handed me and Ainslie our bags. The check in lady cleverly hid the luggage tags and boarding passes from me. It was only by asking Ainslie the departure time of our flight that I got my first real clue. Ten-past-ten. Ayers Rock.
“You won’t be going to work today. Or Monday. Happy Birthday.”
(More to come. In the meantime, the photos are here.)

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