Hey, what’s with the Elephant?

A lot of people I’ve met in the Real World lately have been asking me what the significance of the elephant is on BONWAG.
Elephant? Huh? I looked everywhere for an elephant. There’s no elephant. Then, I looked at good old ‘bonwag.com‘.
For many years, it’s been languishing as a ‘site under construction’ because someone had registered the name in the early 90s, shortly after I set up BONWAG on ‘fairding.com’. (I thought ‘fairding.com’ was a more interesting domain to have, and didn’t bother registering ‘bonwag.com’ back then. Maybe I should have. I registered the domain ‘sothere.com’ at the same time, but that ended up being an excellent way to collect spam.)
I’ve been keeping an eye on the domain every couple of years, waiting for the registration to lapse so I can retrieve it, but the owner kept hold of it. Until recently, that is. There’s now a music site on ‘bonwag.com’, with a big ole elephant on the main page (With its trunk pointing upwards – that’s lucky, you know). Actually, technically, it’s a mammoth.
So, I guess ‘bonwag.com’ is lost to me, for the next few years, anyway. If you see more ‘branding’ around the site for ‘fairding.com’, that’s why. I think people have to start remembering ‘fairding.com’ rather than ‘bonwag’.
Looks like this is my second Great Internet Disappointment. (The first being a missed opportunity to join the team at ‘soulmates.com.au‘ on day one, which then went on to make millions. D’oh!)
So, welcome to FAIRDING.COM (home of BONWAG)

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