Give Me A Sense Of Purpose; A Real Sense Of Purpose

I don’t know what I was thinking.
A few posts back, I complained that the Links section was too much of an administrative overhead, so I wouldn’t be resurrecting it in this incarnation of BONWAG. It shows what mental disarray I was in at the time. What? Abandon the Links Section? (cough)
Back in November 1994, I set up BONWAG as a way of keeping track of the other interesting websites I came across, in case anyone else was interested. Hence the name – Bits Of Net What Are Good. Over time, the links list has been flooded and pruned, lost and rebuilt, and flavoured with a variety of management scripts behind it, but it’s always been the main reason I set the site up in the first place.
How can you have a site with a name like BONWAG and not point to the bits of net what are good? Without the links, it’s just an overblown weblog.
With that revelation, and without further ado, I’ve rebuilt the links section with a couple of scraps of backup I found around the place and a few wads of chewing gum.