We Will Rebuild It. We Have The Technology.

Another win today. I found the BONWAG weblog entries between January 29 and April 26 this year lurking in various places in the cache behind Yahoo.
Looking through all the search engines for a few keywords I knew I’d written down at some point in the past, I was able to find various weblog entries and just restore them to BONWAG with good old cut and paste. (I had tried looking through Google’s cache, but unfortunately, they’re too efficient over there and had already updated their site with the latest, sad looking version of BONWAG. I also tried archive.org, which would have been perfect, but for the fact they stopped indexing BONWAG last year. Scum!)
So, the upshot is that there’s a few days missing after I took the backup in January and before Yahoo indexed it, but I think that was the week I was madly catching up on the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy on DVD and what little I wrote probably made little sense, anyway. And there’s only a few entries missing from May – I was busy mourning the loss of the site and working in the US then, anyway.
Well, what do you know: this Internet thing IS a self-healing system.
As I said, I’m treating this as a chance to clean up the site… let me know what you think of the new look/content. I think I’ve recovered as much of the old BONWAG as I’m able or inclined to.
Time to move on.

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