It’s Life, But Not As We Know It

I’ve finally trawled through what’s left of BONWAG following the Great Purging of 2004, and there’s some hope.
The bad news is that the latest backup I have of the weblog entries is September 2003. It’s ironic that the backup was made by a piece of software I bitched and moaned about soon afterwards because it deleted parts of the site on its own. Strange that Dreamweaver should come to my rescue. I’ll restore the weblog entries (stretching back to 1998) when I feel inspired.
I’ll also make the site a little more easy to handle. No-one was really getting into the Message Board that much – it’s gone. The Links section, as large as it was, was only an administrative nightmare I could probably do without anyway. There are a few other sections I’ve deleted which you probably won’t miss. I’m going to keep the site simple: a weblog, a photo album, and a bunch of features, articles and toys which I get inspired to write every so often.
Hope you like the new BONWAG.
Yes, I’m going to switch on the backup program….. now.

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