Another US trip is underway – this time to meet with fellow CA folk at one of the big CA offices in Framingham, Massachusetts – about three-quarters of an hour west of Boston.
It seems the major industry of Framingham is ‘international headquarters’ – with a few big companies choosing to build huge multi-story office blocks on the top of little tree-girt hillocks dotted across the landscape. It all looks a little like environmental acne from here
For once, I think I’ve managed the jet lag problem properly. By sleeping right and eating the right things, I may not end up focusing at a point 3 feet behind the powerpoint presentation I’m supposed to be delivering. (I love the guides which say you need a days recovery from each timezone you cross. See you in 12 days, fella.)
The flight was smooth and relatively uneventful, unless you count the fact that American Airlines sent my winter coat on the wrong plane. I can chalk up ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ and ‘Lost in Translation’ on my in-flight movie list.
Some more ‘America is Nuts’ observations; it seems there’s no concept of a ‘ground floor’ here – the hotel lobby is on the first floor. You’re not watching the amount of fat you’re eating here – you’re ‘watching your carbs’. If you have pets, you don’t get hair on everything; you get ‘dander’. These Americans Are Crazy.