A Profitic Word

I found it again! ‘The Profit‘ is a great example of a parody which stands well on its own feet, but adds an extra dimension once you’ve read the source material. I was quite sad to see a copy of this go offline a while back, but I’ve found another copy of ‘The Profit’ – by Kehlog Albran. You might need to read ‘The Prophet‘ on which it is based, in order to get the whole joke, but read on regardless. It’s fantastic. Don’t read while drinking milk.

A wizened priest inquired,
Is man eternal, as a mountain?
He replied:
No individual lasts forever, yet man has lasted until now.
An individual may live six score, yet mankind has lived for a thousand score or more.
Therefore I must answer:
Think not of man as a mountain, which is ageless, and never changing.
But think of man as a mountain of changes and variations.
Think of man as a temporary mountain.