Far Flung Confectionery

When you’re helping international students (like Ainslie does), sometimes you get really cool presents. Like the one in this picture.
Mmmm. Chocolate. …or is it?
(By the way, this is the first photo from the new digital camera. Hold on to your hats!)

5 thoughts on “Far Flung Confectionery

  1. They taste like a cocoa/caffeine sugar lump. Yes. That’s what they did. I was a little concerned that the translated use-by date said ‘best before shown on package’. There *is* a picture on the package, and frankly, it’s not looking that fresh.
    Taste good but.

  2. And Megapixels – ah, thereby hangs a tale. To quote: “‘3.2 MEGA PIXELS’ Shown on the surface of the camera is the number of effective pixels of the CCD. However, the maximum number of pixels recorded is 3.1 mega pixels.”
    So, the next time someone comes up to you and pokes a 3.2 mega pixel camera in your face, point accusingly at them and ask them to justify their claim. At the very least, it’ll mess up the focus mechanism.

  3. Oh, and would you believe that the only thing it can’t photograph clearly is itself. So I can’t post a photo of it. (There’s a sermon illustration in there somewhere. ) Here’s what we’re talking about.

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