The Missing Weeks

I’ve had a few people ask what happened between July and September; that I didn’t deign to update the site with the outcome of the Las Vegas trip.
Well, it went well. I ran out of cute observations quite quickly, and started treating it as a proper business trip, with things to do other than mentally note the tiniest cross-cultural differences.
There were three songs playing incessantly during the trip which will probably always remind me of Vegas:
* Simply Red – Sunrise
* Coldplay – Clocks
* Daniel Bedingfield – If You’re Not The One.
Over and over and over. Everywhere I went. Must be some research that suggests that poorly groomed soul/pop artists encourage you to gamble more money. Maybe out of pity.
Travelled home via Santa Barbara, which is probably one of the lovelier parts of the USA I’ve seen so far, behind Boston. It’s another seaside town which prides itself on its ability to eat marine life. It’s also very expensive to live there.
Overall, a successful trip, thank you for asking.