The Meaning of Smenk

Smenk (v.) the act of discovering that one of your cool ideas has been thought of by someone else in some other part of the world.
(Not that I’m claiming responsibility for inventing the glorious, gentlemanly sport of Scrobble, mind you. That’s the responsibility of Daryl and Gary – I’m just in marketing.)
I heard from Jan and Han this week, two more people with a skill for mangling their language. Without knowing of our version here, they also sat down, looked at a Scrabble board… and decided to make up dumb words.
Incidentally, their Lingua Franca is Dutch.
It seems that Jan’s wife came up with the name of ‘Scrobble’, despite being completely uninterested in joining the folly.
So, ‘Scrobble’ has gone international. Jan and Han’s version looks similarly silly to our own game, but we can’t translate it, and it’d probably be unfunny if it was, really. Although the definitions are in dutch, the dutch-scrobble words bear a striking resemblance to english-scrobble words. Coincidence?
If anyone’s interested, you can find a few friends and start your own Scrobble game through the Scrobble page. And spread the word… let’s see how many more languages can be mangled through the international brotherhood of Scrobble… and the power of smenk!

One thought on “The Meaning of Smenk

  1. It’s amazing that we independently invented Scrobble. In my opinion this demonstrates that Scrobble is not the absurdity some people look at it, even my own wife….
    It sharpens your acuteness, and by playing with words you reveals the richness of your own language.
    Well, let me try my first non-Dutch scrobble word:
    Scranny: A grandmother who is scrobbling all the time. Maybe, some time, my wife will discover the joy of Scrobble, becoming the first scranny of our family.

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