Dappled Thing #32

It seems that every time you walk into a petrol station these days, you’re forced to toss your hard-earned over an increasing mound of chocolates, trinkets, CDs, mints, special offers and giveaways. (I don’t think that’s anything new… remember when you had to wage war with armies of Smurfs?)
One of these trinkets caught my eye today. It’s a cheap-o radio headset thing which costs about $6 and looks like it could fall apart if you listened to it too hard. Among the many features proclaimed from the advertising (‘lightweight’, ‘ideal for sports’) is ‘no skipping‘.
I don’t think they’re trying to tell you how you should walk while wearing it, but that your CDs won’t skip while you’re wearing it.
But – hang on – this is a radio tuner.
Huh? How many times have you stumbled so severely while jogging to have the radio station miss a beat? Sounds like you definitely need the exercise you’re getting, because if you’re able to jar the CD players in the studio by going out of doors, you need to lose some weight.