Who Says You Don’t Learn Anything From TV?

The following exchange from C.S.I. last night had a profound effect on the Robinson-Cook house:

Nick: Why’re you tossing me a softball, putting everyone else on real cases?
Grissom: You wanted to work solo.
Nick: Yeah but it’s like night of the pufflings out there and I’m on a smash and grab.
Grissom: [Confused] Pufflings?
Nick: Puffin. Offspring. First time out of the nest every year, they crash land in this town near Iceland because they’re attracted to the lights of human civilization. It’s the same way people flock to Vegas for a fight.
Grissom: [Suddenly understanding] … Animal Planet.
Nick: How come when you talk about bugs everyone says you’re a genius but when I talk about birds everyone says I watch too much television?
Grissom: [Walking away] I don’t know.

Puffling. Use it in a sentence today and lift your mood.

One thought on “Who Says You Don’t Learn Anything From TV?

  1. Actually, an internet search on ‘pufflings’ turns up a whole heap of Icelandic kids’ web pages where they describe their nights rescuing pufflings. What a life!
    National Geographic also has a page here. Presumably, this is the story mentioned in CSI.

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