Pictionary; without the cheating

If you’ve ever attempted to open up a game of Pictionary around me, you’ll have recieved the benefit of my fulsome opinion that it’s one of the most interesting, but most cheat-worthy games of the last 10 years. Maybe it says more about my chosen competitiors than the game itself, but I’ve never been a part of a Pictionary game which hasn’t dissolved into rampant cheating after about the 4th round. I don’t enjoy it. It’s a great example where the laws make sense, but they’re impossible to enforce.
That’s why I like iSketch so much. Ever since the demise of the brilliant ‘Acrophobia’, I’ve been looking for a decent, fun internet game to get stuck into. iSketch is an online game of Pictionary, where people from all around gather to try and figure out what squiggle means what. The scoring system, timing, everything is set up just right.
It’s also pretty hard to cheat, which is the best thing. I’ll see you there (name is, naturally, ‘bonwag’)