Music Videos: Whatever Happened to Band/Eye Coordination?

I’ve never really believed that a music video absolutely has to reflect what’s going on in the song; weird interpretations have been there since Abba’s days… but the latest offering from Shania Twain is just plain bizarre.
Listen to the song first. I like it. Lots. It’s sort of a typical upbeat ‘Baby Baby’ track which has enough sugar in it to make it interesting.
Then, watch the video with the sound down. Great video; nice visuals – very expensive.
Then watch them together. Huh?
I really don’t understand what went on in the production meetings for this effort, but I think, perhaps, the video was put together long before the music was written, in a completely different part of the country. Either that, or they’ve run out of mid-west barns, hay and salt-flats to shoot feel-good music clips in and they wanted to do something up-to-date.
Boy, these country music types are insecure about their place in popular culture.
I think the premise of the video is that a big alien is trying to ‘catch’ the heroine, but the song is all about how the girl is going to catch a guy. Even the basic premise is flawed.
I’m so annoyed, because I thought the song deserved better. I think I need a lie-down.
I’m gonna write a song about kittens and see whether I get to ride a motorbike in the video, too. That would be cool.