A Torrent Of Spam

Everyday, its name seems more apt. Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE/junk email/SPAM) continues to flood through my email box at a ludicrious rate. I’ve taken measures to head it off, including tightening my Hotmail account to only receive messages from my close, personal friends, and only then when they are arranging to send me presents and gifts and/or money. It worked. I checked my Hotmail account today and there wasn’t a skerrick of junk to be seen. Lovely.
Feeling optimistic, I eased the junk mail policy off a little, to filter out email likely to be junk. It took – literally – minutes for the flood to start again. Garrisons of the ‘Spamilitary’ poured through my weakened defenses and within 15 minutes, there were 10 mails from people I wouldn’t know from a bar of soap. Most of these people needed their mouths washed out with same.
I don’t like Spam. I will not eat it; Sam I Am.