The Bard Versus The Bart

After a conversation rich with references to The Simpsons, I observed to Ainslie that there are probably few situations in life in which you couldn’t quote a line or two from the show, if you knew it well enough. Her response: “Shakespeare did it first”.
Right, you’re on. Let’s put them in the ring together. Let’s see if William or Groening has more to say about the state of the planet.
This might just be a flash in the pan thing, but with Ainslie’s knowledge of all things Shakespearean, and my command of Springfieldian knowledge, we should be able to draw out some interesting parallels.
In fact, looking around, it seems a few people are already thinking that way: I’ve set up a few links here, and we’ll see if this warrants a page of its own.
This is like the time that Lisa sets out to compare her brother with a hamster….