What A Time To Be In Computers

When I first made the switch to the computer industry (from radio) in 1995, it was still a pretty arcane undertaking – but it had only just begun gathering steam for the big ‘dot-com’ boom in 2000, and boy, was that a fun wave to ride. Everyone knew that the techies finally got paid off for all the late night gaming and pizza, and programming was elevated from a Dark Art to a Respectable Profession. The programmers got their expensive cars and management jobs. People squeaked out an envious ‘ooh’ when you mentioned you ‘worked in computing’.
We’re now back to where we started: one of the original and best Australian web design shops is out of business, the computer companies are oozing ennui (look it up), Spike Networks is also belly-up, and Dilbert is looking pale and unfunny. Team that with the fact that I’m not able to squeeze an international business class flight out of my current employer, and it all adds up to a dull old time in computing at the moment.
You can stop envying me now.
(P.S.: I’m pleased to report that the late-night gaming and pizza continues.)