The Kelly Gang Rides Again

Kelly & Sons Real Estate had a good opportunity to make some money this week. They had a few offers on some choice real estate in South Sydney – which is allegedly what they’re in the business of selling – and apparently chose instead to burn a few bridges.
My sister was looking forward to being able to move into a nice house which she’d had spent a lot of time (and money) arranging with this organisation, and was expecting to sign on the dotted line, when the price negotiations were unexpectedly ‘reopened’. Without going into detail which may get me into trouble; let’s just say that the house has instead been sold to someone else, despite my sister’s belief that the deal had been done. At its best, the outcome shows poor customer service. I’ll leave you to decide what the alternative explanations are.
Despite my Mum’s successful (and honest) career in real estate, I’ve always believed that the Real Estate industry hinges around increasing the price of something without actually producing anything (see Fred Dagg’s commentary, here). I don’t like it when any organisation which has the choice of making twice the amount of money with a little extra honest effort, instead goes for the quick dishonest grab. It doesn’t make business sense. It doesn’t make common sense. That’s when stuff like this happens.
By the way, for the benefit of out of towners, there was a group of outlaws called the Kelly Gang who gained notoriety in Australia’s colonial history for their money-making enterprise: bank-robbing.