Charli’s Birthday!

It’s Charli’s Third Birthday today; and although it was a weekday, we still managed to get all the exciting stuff happening; Charli unwrapped all her presents and took delivery from some balloons (all the way from Sydney!) Thanks to Nanna and Poppa in the east!
Charli’s all grown up: she has her own two-wheeled bike and Barbie now, and everyone knows the cool toys are always for ‘3 and up’.

One thought on “Charli’s Birthday!

  1. Posting about Charli’s birthday reminds me that this Diary (or Blog, whatever) is a year old today; although the website has been around since 1995, this marks the fulfilment of last year’s New Year’s Resolution to ‘write more’.
    Now, I can get on with the 2002 New Year’s Resolution of ‘writing more creatively’ (i.e. make more stuff up).

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