Got Snow?

I’m in the U.S. again, for the first time since September, and things are only marginally different. Security was still tight on the way in (“green marines and their submachines” sounds like a great title for an album), and the whole concept of ‘tipping’ people still spooks me a little.
But today; snow! I’d only ever seen snow once before today, but that was all lying around not doing much. I saw my first snowflakes, and everyone here seems to think I’m a little mad, trying to compare whether two flakes are really as different as they say.
Coming from the other end of the world, where it’s pushing 100 degrees Farenheit, it’s a weird experience. I’ve had to completely reverse my wardrobe as well as my sleeping patterns.
I noticed that on the way into the US, I had to certify on the customs form that I had never been guilty of moral turpitude. I guessed I hadn’t.
US TV consists mainly of advertisments (at least, what’s on the channels I can access from my hotel), and most of those are to do with health, dieting, cars and suing people. The remaining bits are political discussions on why the US allies aren’t as happy about the war on terrorism as the US is (they’re pussies, apparently), the Winter Olympics in Utah, Britney Spears and sitcoms.
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