Who says you need to upgrade?

I was reminded of the two myths of buying software today: a) you get what you pay for and b) you have to have the latest version with all the latest features.
I’ve been threatening to write some software for my Palm handheld to help me in my struggle against the aisle layouts at our local Action supermarket. I’m always backtracking and mising stuff: I could be through there in 10 minutes if I had my act together!
I remembered a friend of mine who’d researched the layout of his local store and produced a paper printout he’d developed which conveniently listed all the week’s needed items in a nice report. I envied that, but had to go one better. I found ShopList, which is pretty neat, for two reasons. 1. It’s cheap. (It’s Free). 2. It works well. It doesn’t try to do everything, just what I needed. Most impressive, is that it seems to be bug free after its second revision, and hasn’t been updated since early 1998. I wish I could write code like that. It has pride of place at the BONWAG Palm Software List.

One thought on “Who says you need to upgrade?

  1. Actually, since writing this one, I’ve found an even better, free program called ‘HandyShopper’, which is also on the Palm software list. There are some pretty good software developers out there, who also happen to be nice people.

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