New York: The Long Way Home Part Two

I ‘m sitting in JFK Airport with a boarding pass, but from what I’ve heard, that’s not a guarantee of a flight.

I was a little disappointed to see that the taxi service hadn’t given me a stretch limo, like on the way in, but it was a nice, black four-seater which weaved in and out of traffic nicely.

An hour’s wait in line for check-in, and another half-hour for the trainee to figure out the computer systems (!). There were big guards around, and for the second time (Orlando being my previous) my carry-on luggage was tested with a swab for signs of drugs. Do I *look* like I do drugs? Maybe *after* this trip, but not after I’ve just done my hair!

As I expected, Ainslie’s C-Pen in the luggage attracted a little attention. I think after I showed and explained what it was, I was in more danger of it being confiscated just because it was a cool toy.

In the end, I’m happily clutching enough boarding passes to get me all the way home to Perth. Next report, Perth, hopefully.

UPDATE: The flight has just been put off by half an hour. That can’t be good.