Charlotte’s Here – Day Two

Reception staff at the hospital are proving difficult to negotiate with: some people are being turned away for not giving the right password. The correct password is ‘Robinson’. It seems the computer system is liable to overload if presented with ‘Ainslie Robinson’, as are the staff members themselves. Ainslie is registered under her ‘legal’ name which she may tell you if you ask her nicely. (BTW; there is no such person as ‘Ainslie Cook’ or ‘Ainslie Robinson-Cook’). If in doubt, ask for Ward 5, Bed 2.
Photos are being held up by technical difficulties; the first roll of film has been double-exposed, somehow, so please stay tuned while we attempt to correct this problem…
‘Charlotte’ means ‘woman’ and ‘Frances’ means ‘free’ (at least according to this book…). There’s a family connection with ‘Frances’… it’s David’s mum’s middle name. We thought ‘Charlotte’ was just a name we liked until Caleb and Allanah started calling her ‘Charlie’… we realised it’s a version of the name of Ainslie’s (late) father Charles. (Caleb already shares his middle name of ‘Edwin’).
There’s been no announcement in the paper yet; wait ’till Monday. We prefer giving the scoops to more useful forms of communication… (Radio and Internet)
Charlotte shares a birthday with Madison, daughter of our friends Katherine and Tim Smith.