Charlotte Arrives!

Please welcome to the World – Charlotte Frances Robinson-Cook. 9lbs, 5oz (4230 gms), 55cms.
For those wondering about Ainslie’s planned induction for 10am Thursday (8th), it was postponed until 11pm because of overcrowding in the delivery suites (yes, 13 hours). As you can see, it didn’t take long for Charlotte to arrive after that!
Charlotte’s arrival was trouble-free and quick: Ainslie didn’t have time to ask for pain relief.
Bub is healthy and happy; she has blue eyes and dark-ish hair… maybe we have another redhead on our hands
Ainslie (and Charlotte) is staying in Ward 5 (Bed 2), KEMH until either Saturday or Sunday. She’s doing well, apart from some pains and embroidery…
Caleb and Allanah have welcomed her into the family officially; especially seeing as ‘Beebee Charlie’ also brought presents for them…
Charlotte’s the biggest of the Cook Kids, although she has a smaller head than Caleb
Comments from the Midwives (completely impartial and unsolicited) include ‘perfect’, ‘beautiful’ and ‘whoah; she’s big!’
David lost his voice on Wednesday, and only just started to regain it in time to encourage Ainslie in labour. Please don’t be scared if you should ring the Cook household.
The obtuse ‘Internet connection’ of her name has not been lost on a few people… Charlotte… Web… geddit?