Hurlstone Inquiry – The Farm Stays

The Hurlstone Inquiry does NOT support the NSW Government’s mini-budget idea of selling the farmland around Hurlstone Agricultural High School for housing. Booyah.

As always, the devil’s in the detail, and we expect a few days of discussion about what Hurlstone would look like IF the NSW Government carries through on its promise to implement the findings. It seems Hurlstone School will be partitioned from Hurlstone Farm and Hurlstone Boarding School. Blessing or Curse?

The inquiry recommends:

  • new facilities be built,
  • more industry partnerships be established,
  • the appointment of a Commercial Manager and advisory board for the farm and the boarding school,
  • the sale of $15M worth of land to fund the recommendations

The major sticking point will be taking the ‘Hurlstone’ out of the ‘Hurlstone Farm’ – expect more debate on that topic.

I think the proposed outcome -saving the green space and the farm to continue the brief of providing Agricultural education for Sydney students on the land around Hurlstone – is the best possible, and an outcome that any Hurlstone supporters should be happy with.