Rebooting the Franchise

It’s BONWAG’s 15th Birthday. As good a time as any to execute a long-overdue Web2.0 makeover.

I’ve been threatening to make some changes for a while, but didn’t have the time to devote to learning all the new code I needed – BONWAG has always been hand-coded with love. This weekend, though, I’ve decided to stop tinkering and start prioritising form over function. To start writing for humans, not robots.

So I’ve moved everything over to WordPress – archives, mail, everything. It’s always been a close competitor to my first-love blogging tool Movable Type. Let’s see what colour the grass is on the Dark Side.

Sure, it means I won’t have the freedom to have things exactly the way I would like, but I’m happy to tinker within the restrictuions I have.

I’ve been impressed at the ease with which I’ve been able to bring all the BONWAG archives from the old site, and to add in many features that I used to spend evenings developing from scratch. I also like the way you’re able to post from almost anywhere.

A lot of the old content is missing, and I’ll be building it back in as I see it emerging in the search archives.

One big improvement I’ve been meaning to add is the iPhone version – it’s automatically served up if you’re using Safari On The Small Screen.

Also, for the geeks, I’ve moved the whole family over to Google Apps so we can all use our email and calendars together, and be freed up from the expensive and lacklustre domain management of our local ISP. Another smooth migration, even if it does require some significant DNS gymnastics.

And, in the upshot, a recommitment to keep posting. Sure, I (and the other family members) will be using our TwitFaceMySpace microblogging tools, but the web’s too transient at the moment. No, 140 characters is not enough for BONWAG.

Even if it is a teenager, now.

2 thoughts on “Rebooting the Franchise

  1. Hey Dave! If not a spiritual victory, it’ll be a personal one. It’s far too easy to spend way too much time hand-crafting. I know it’s an effort if love, but there so many things to spend our live on.

    Live long, and prosper (love more)!

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