The Top 10 Reasons For Selling Hurlstone’s Farm

  1. The land is valuable real estate and will command a premium at auction.
    The proceeds will allow other schools and frontline services to
    continue to provide education and essential services.
  2. The Hurlstone land is surplus to current educational needs.
  3. Agriculture can be effectively taught in just half of Hurlstone’s future allocation.
  4. There is no need for an agricultural college to be based in what is (now) suburban Sydney, so far away from where real agriculture happens.
  5. The demand for agricultural qualifications is falling, even within the schools own intake. Most students don’t go to Hurlstone so they can acquire knowledge from the farm.
  6. Hurlstone is producing fewer and fewer true farmers and has lost its original primary focus on agricultural study.
  7. The Hurlstone farm is being mismanaged and is running at a loss.
  8. Hurlstone doesn’t have enough resources to maintain the farm properly.
  9. There are few avenues of real agricultural study actually being taken at Hurlstone – the extra land is mostly for helping students look out the window and think they are in the country.
  10. Hurlstone administration is elitist and feels it is entitled to stake its claim on a huge property asset while other schools and services suffer the brunt of the current economic tightening.

4 thoughts on “The Top 10 Reasons For Selling Hurlstone’s Farm

  1. That is completely selfish! Selling land just so some people can earn some money. What about student education? Doesn’t that matter? For an agricultural school to be situated in surburban sydney, it creations the connection between city and rural student. SInce when has farming not been an important aspect of Sydney? Hurlstone doesn’t only produce farmers but also great scientists around the agricultural field.
    i suggest you think this. Once it’s sold, it’s gone forever, the lush green farming land.

  2. how can you be so idiotic? Would you rather the education of hundreds be crushed as roaring trucks and building machines go on through the school for at least a deacade?! You do realise that if the land is sold, useless places will be built and all chances of a local greenspace for the campelltown community will be completely lost? I am a proud student of Hurlstone and although i do not consider my future to involve agriculture, i do worry about my conditions of studying for the years to come- HAHS STUDENTS WILL NOT BE PROPERLY EDUCATED IF ROARING TRUCKS AND MACHINERY ARE CONSTANTLY RAMMING NEXT TO OUR CLASSROOMS!!! Oh btw, the world IS running out of food and since hurlstone is situated on an area that isnt constantly under the threat of drought, you better pray to god that it isnt sold cos if it is, your food prices will continue to soar through your roof

  3. Hey. Look. That’s crazy, OK?
    Just because you’re looking for a nice little apartment to buy so that YOU can look out the window and think you’re in the country.
    Just because YOU don’t appreciate nature. If you’re looking for land to buy, then don’t come looking around Hurlstone. We’re not selling.
    And yeaah. You’re selfish <– just wanted to make that clear in case you didn’t get it the first time I said it.
    I came here because it was an agricultural school, and hell, if you selfish people are going to come and rip it down, well this won’t be an agricultural school anymore, and where does it all go? It’ll give the government some money to spend, it’ll give you selfish people a nice new apartment, where you can spend your time listening to roaring traffic. Yeah. Nice. Soo much better than lush, peaceful, green farmland, huh?
    It’s just selfish.

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