How You Can Help Save The Memorial Forest

My inbox runneth over with inquiries and suggestions from people – Hurlstonians and others – who share my concerns about the future of the Hurlstone Memorial Forest. There have been groups and pages and articles and comments popping up around the interwebs, which is good, but what is the best way for you to actually DO something about it?

  1. Make your concerns known. (If there isn’t a petition box showing below, sign it here (LINK REMOVED: SEE BELOW). It will establish to the government, and all of us, that the issue is worth shouting about. Each signature is public and verified by email. For those reasons, it should be taken seriously by The Powers That Be, so your signature will be worth something.
  2. Share this petition by clicking on the button in the petition below, and/or forward this link to the petition to other people: (LINK REMOVED: SEE BELOW)
    • ‘Other People’ includes current and former staff and students (esp. the cadets), current and former servicemen (and their families) and RSL members without Hurlstone attachments: anyone attached to Hurlstone or Australia’s military.
  3. Advocate, by writing to your local government member or RSL to alert them to this potential tragedy. Please join the FaceBook group devoted to this issue, or join the HAHS Alumni Forums. You’ll learn where and when your support will have the most effect.
  4. If you’re in a position to clarify or alter this decision, please do it soon. There is plenty of media discussion about whether Hurlstone is entitled to retain its large farmland allocation. The Memorial Forest deserves special attention, over and above the separate issue of the Selling Of The Farm.

UPDATE: On Nov 19, Premier Nathan Rees told Alan Jones that ‘the memorial forest will be staying with the school’ – based on that statement, there is no longer the need for a petition on the topic. Thanks to all who signed.