It’s summertime in Japan:

It’s summertime in Japan: I think I’ll have a nice cool drink of… Wait, what?

2 thoughts on “It’s summertime in Japan:

  1. Hey Dave! I have always thought…since I first moved to Japan years ago…that Pocari Sweat was a GREAT (if humourous) name for a sports drink. Did you try one? It is actually my favourite and I get one every time I am there. You gotta admit though…it isn’t nearly as bad as Calpis. I looked for it last time I was in Japan and couldn’t find it. I think they got a clue and changed the name to Calpico. :-D

  2. Unusually, I didn’t brave it. I normally do try the various drink flavours in new places, but I didn’t quite get to this one. Yours is the first recommendation I’ve had. :-)

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