In My Day, The Students Got The Cane For This Sort Of Thing

My, how things have changed after 100 years.  Hurlstone is once again in the news for its starring role as one of the nation’s leading exporters of psychological torment. Oops – Sorry. Allegedly.

With more Centenary celebrations only a few days away, it seems there’s still more growing up to do. If the reports are to be believed, staff have been taking bullying lessons from the kids. Things have been getting a bit Agricultural, shall we say?

Yet, only a few minutes down the railway, the kids are getting it right. Has the world gone topsy turvy?

Seriously – what’s going on over there? Hurlstone’s always prided itself on doing things a little differently – staff have never been shy about engaging in militant behaviour – heck, we produced Mark Latham –  but surely there comes a time to stop asking questions about the situation and start answering them?