Big, Big Rocks

Another early rise today. Ainslie had planned a full day tour to Kings Canyon – a three hour bus tour (a threeee hour tour) to an awesome landscape carved out of the Gill ranges. A three hour walking tour (are you seeing a pattern here?) up a mountain side was ‘not advisable for people with heart conditions, pregnancy or any other health complaints.’ Sounded scary, but we opted for the long walk.
Some of the photos of this place are posted in the Photo Gallery – it’s another unique set of rocks.
Returning late that day, we washed the sand off and went out for a thoroughly amazing dinner.
The next day, we finally get to sleep beyond sunrise. Rising to another perfect day, we go out for breakfast, stop by the photo shop to give our regards to Claire, and head back.
It’s been a long, long time since someone’s gone to the trouble Ainslie has to spoil me rotten. I think she might have a thing for me.