Lost on the Net

One of the big problems of being called a common name like ‘David Cook’ is that there are a lot more ‘david cooks’ out there who aren’t you than who are. I am *so* outnumbered. (That’s one of the reasons this site is called ‘BONWAG’ rather than something like ‘David Cook’s Website’. I was a little annoyed when ‘cookware.com’ was bought by someone else before I’d thought of it. Even ‘davidcook.com’ is sort-of taken.)
A search on Google reveals over 22 thousand matches for ‘David Cook’, while a search for ‘Ainslie Robinson’, say, reveals only 12, most of which are about the right person. I actually had two good friends when I was younger, both called David Cook, both living within a few streets of my home.
The good thing is, that none of us ‘david cook’s is really famous yet, and no-one has co-opted the name ‘David’ (like Elton, Kylie and Madonna have).
There’s still time.